Through sponsorship of international conferences, such as the ongoing Pathways to Progress program with the Stimson Center in Washington, the Foundation extends Marshall’s legacy into the 21st century by examining a variety of international challenges and issues. The goal of these programs is to stimulate emergence of realistic, workable solutions and to communicate the results to policy makers and interested parties. Read about the Pathways to Progress program begun in 2012 in partnership with the Stimson Center.


Read the final report on Pathways to Progress:
Revisiting Marshall: Private Sector Development in the Middle East by Ellen Laipson with Kevin Wheeler


Read this oped:
Revisiting Marshall: Hope for Private Sector Growth in the Middle East by Rob Havers and Ellen Laipson


The June 2013 conference in Tunis on Regional Economic Integration is an example of the type of international outreach that celebrates the ethos of the Marshall Plan for regions in transition.  Promotion of regional trade and economic integration was a hallmark of the Marshall Plan which focused on building strong trade relations across Europe to foster both economic growth and stability. The same logic applies to the Arab world: devising policies to promote regional economic integration will develop robust markets, help create jobs, advance stability, and attract foreign investment and trade.  In this spirit, the conference explored the critical obstacles to greater Maghreb economic integration and also highlighted positive and achievable steps that will help foster greater economic cooperation across North Africa. Read the complete summary here.

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