scholarshipTHE MARSHALL FOUNDATION conducts programs in scholarship that draw on Marshall’s example.  These programs are supported by our research library and museum.

The Papers of George Catlett Marshall

The Marshall Papers project is nearing completion.  Six volumes of the annotated papers of George C. Marshall have been published by Johns Hopkins Univ. Press; a seventh and final volume will be published Spring 2016.  With the publication of volume 7, the Papers project will be concluded.  All published volumes can be accessed on this web site.

The Marshall Papers are edited by Mark A. Stoler, Ph.D., a distinguished military and diplomatic historian who wrote the acclaimed biography of Marshall, George C. Marshall: Soldier-Statesman of the American Century.

Daniel D. Holt, who recently retired as director of the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum and is an expert in the era to be covered in the remaining papers, is serving as managing editor.  Mame Warren serves as assistant editor.

The most recently publish Volume 6 of The Papers of George Catlett Marshall includes documents (telegrams, letters, memoranda, speeches, congressional testimonies) written during Marshall’s tenure as Secretary of State (January 20, 1947–January 20, 1949), during which time he was responsible for the creation of the European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan) and dealt with military and foreign relations issues with Palestine, the entire Middle East, Germany, the Soviet Union, most of Eastern Europe, and the genesis of NATO.

The Foundation’s original and seminal research product has been funded throughout by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) with cost-sharing from the Marshall Foundation.  Additional funders have included the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Andrew Mellon Foundation, BAE Systems, Jack Rudin and the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, the Lenfest Foundation, and the Stifterverbvand für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.


Research and Scholarly Programs

The Marshall Foundation promotes primary research and study as the cornerstone of its scholarship programs.

  • The Marshall Undergraduate Scholars Program gives undergraduate students at selected Virginia and Mid-Atlantic colleges an opportunity to do research and writing using primary materials. The Scholar may choose any subject involving 20th-century diplomatic and military history or political affairs from 1898 to 1960–the approximate dates of George C. Marshall’s public service. 
  • The George C. Marshall/Baruch Fellowships are given to encourage doctoral or postdoctoral research in 20th-century U.S. military or diplomatic history and related fields. The fellowships are administered by the George C. Marshall Foundation — a non-profit, non-governmental institution — and generated from a gift provided annually by the Baruch Family Foundation of Encino, California. The fellowships honor the career of George C. Marshall, 20th-century soldier-statesman, and the Baruch family.