White Glove Wednesday – Gold Typewriter

On display in the Marshall Museum lobby is a gold-plated Royal typewriter given to General George C. Marshall from the Overseas Press Club on March 4, 1949. It was given in the hopes that Marshall would begin to write his memoirs. He was not interested in writing an auto-biography (stating that his service to his […]

White Glove Wednesday – Herring Collection

On June 10, 1940 Italy declared war on France and Great Britain. One of the American members of the National Fascist Party was hypnotist-turned-Tokalon cosmetics baron E. Virgil Neal. The Marshall Museum Collection contains Neal’s Mussolini-signed Fascist Italy Safe Conduct Pass (dated 1930), a small ivory bust of the dictator, an enameled brass National Fascist […]

White Glove Wednesday – Secretary of Defense Items

White Glove Wednesday features two items recently put on display in our Soldier of Peace gallery at the Marshall Museum. One is the license plate used on Marshall’s car while he was Secretary of Defense and the other is President Truman’s fountain pen used to sign HR 9646, appointing Marshall as Secretary of Defense on […]

White Glove Wednesday – IBM Plaque

“WE ARE AT WAR – TALK NET” is a plaque given to George C. Marshall from International Business Machines (I.B.M.). The saying is referenced in a 1943 speech by Frederick Nichol, Vice-President and General Manager of I.B.M. in which Nichol states: We have in our business, all through our factories and offices, a sign which […]

White Glove Wednesday – Marshall’s Graduation Gift

This is a gold Waltham brand pocket watch given to George C. Marshall by his mother as a graduation gift. Marshall’s initials are engraved on the back cover and inscribed inside is his Virginia Military Institute graduation date: June 26, 1901. This watch is currently on display in the VMI lobby case at the Marshall […]

White Glove Wednesday – Marshall’s Mother’s Dress

In July of 1962 a trunk of clothing donated by the estate of George C. Marshall’s sister Marie Singer (1876-1962) was picked up in Uniontown, Pa. by Foundation librarian Eugenia Lejeune and brought back for accessioning. One of the items inside was this chartreuse, tan, and lavender dress belonging to George C. Marshall’s mother Laura […]

White Glove Wednesday – Pogue’s Typewriter

Forrest C. Pogue used this Remington Deluxe Noiseless typewriter to write the four-volume biography of George C. Marshall, working from over 40 hours of interviews with Marshall himself. Pogue began work on the biography in 1958 and finished the final volume in 1987. In his obituary, the New York Times called him a “pioneer of […]

White Glove Wednesday – Marshall House Model

Our feature today is a scale model (6” x 10” x 6”) of the Marshall House, also known as Federal Hill, located in Mason County, Kentucky. It was donated to the George C. Marshall Foundation in 1966 by George C. Marshall’s widow, Katherine Tupper Marshall. Federal Hill was built in 1801 and belonged to Colonel […]