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The Marshall Plan Speech - The remarks by the Honorable George C. Marshall, Secretary of State, at Harvard University on June 5, 1947 delivered at 2:50 PM to a capacity crowd of 15,000 in the Harvard Yard.



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  • Text of the Marshall Plan Speech (From the State Department’s handout version of June 4, 1947)
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  • Text of Marshall's Harvard Speech (From the Department of State's press release)
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    • Title Page
    • Page 1 - I need not tell you gentlemen that the world situation is very serious.
    • Page 2 - Recovery has been seriously retarded ...
    • Page 3 - ... the rehabilitation of the economic structure of Europe quite evidently will require a much longer time and greater effort than
      had been foreseen.
    • Page 4 - The modern system of the division of labor upon which the exchange of products is based is in danger of breaking down.
    • Page 5 - Our policy is directed not against any country or doctrine but against hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos.
    • Page 6 - ... governments, political parties or groups which seek to perpetuate human misery in order to profit therefrom politically
      or otherwise will encounter the opposition of the United States.
    • Page 7 - The role of this country should consist of friendly aid in the drafting of a European program and of later support of such a program so far as it may be practical for us to do so.

      "[T]he capacity crowd of 15,000 showed up in the Yard not so much in expectation of seeing history made, as simply in awe of the man."

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