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The Work of the Marshall Foundation

The Foundation
The non-profit, nonpartisan, independent Marshall Foundation is the one place where the values that shaped and motivated Marshall are kept alive.  As a unique resource, the Foundation perpetuates Marshall’s legacy, as the person who “won the war and won the peace,” his leadership qualities and exemplary character through educational programs and facilities (including a museum and research library) that offer a wide range of resources and materials for use by the general public, amateur historians, scholars and students of all ages.

  • Conferences and Symposia in collaboration with world-class organizations such as the Stimson Center on Pathways to Progress and other topics of interest to scholars, diplomats and business leaders
  • Marshall Leadership Series for emerging and rising leaders in military service, foreign service, public administration and business
  • Marshall ROTC Award Seminars for U.S. Army cadets with an emphasis on leadership and national security
  • Library & Archives with one of the most comprehensive collections on the life of a world-famous individual ever assembled, also available to researchers on line
  • Marshall Museum houses many historic artifacts, including the Nobel Peace Prize, that George C. Marshall received in 1953.
  • The Marshall Papers, combined with the four-volume Pogue biography, present a comprehensive study of Marshall’s life and career.

The Marshall Foundation in the World Today
Through sponsorship of international conferences, such as the ongoing Pathways to Progress program with the Stimson Center in Washington, the Foundation extends Marshall’s legacy into the 21st century by examining a variety of international challenges and issues.

The June 2013 conference in Tunis on Regional Economic Integration is an example of the type of international outreach that celebrates the ethos of the Marshall Plan for regions in transition.  Read the complete summary here.

The Marshall Foundation will continue to facilitate these important dialogues on the international stage regarding Marshall Plan-related solutions for economic development for emerging nations and economic recovery for those involved in post-conflict and post-regime change reconstruction.  The goal is to stimulate emergence of realistic, workable solutions and to communicate the results to policy makers and interested parties.

The Growing Electronic Reach of the Foundation
A growing presence on the internet, the Marshall Foundation makes Marshall-related information and material from its extensive collections available to students, scholars and researchers who have access to the World Wide Web.  The Foundation is continually adding content to its Web site.  Electronic access is part of the mission of the Foundation to extend its reach broadly.

Additional internet access is provided through aggressive distribution of audio and video files on YouTube and Apple’s iTunes Beyond Campus. Recently published iBooks about the Marshall Plan, including the The Marshall Plan: Promoting Europe’s Unlikely Postwar Recovery are available through Apple iTunes.

Executive Leadership Development
The Foundation serves senior federal government and corporate executives for one-day and two-day examinations of the leadership example and genius of George C. Marshall.

Marshall’s greatness was defined by his strong character, his reputation for honesty and candor, his commitment to solving tough problems, his capacity for hard work, his eye for detail, his optimism and his selfless service.  There is something in his story that anyone can apply to his or her life.

Marshall’s exemplary courage to take charge, take action, take risks, resist bad ideas, encourage challenges from subordinates, confront authority, and propose bold thinking and action resulted in a leader of extraordinary accomplishment.   Marshall had the courage to lead.  He had that remarkable ability to see solutions others had not seen, to propose bold strategies and the integrity to remain true to his vision.

As executives move through the presentations, they will learn about strategic leadership, co-leadership and power partnership, and leading change and transformational leadership, and developing vision and strategy, among other topics.

Past and Ongoing Leadership Programs for…

  • Federal Executive Institute (Read more)
  • U.S. Air Force Holm Center for Officer Accessions
  • U.S. Army Cadet Command
  • NASA
  • HDT Global (Read more.)
  • BAE Systems
  • Roanoke Valley Community Executives
  • The Council of State Governments
  • Treasury Executive Institute (Read more.)
  • National Association of Counties (Read more.)