Judith McHale to Deliver 2010 Frances McNulty Logan Lewis Lecture


Judith McHale, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, will deliver the 2010 Frances McNulty Logan Lewis Lecture on Thursday, October 7  at 7:30 pm in Lee Chapel in Lexington. 

Under Secretary McHale will talk about "Enduring Leadership: Marshall’s Legacy for American Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century."  The public is invited.

The Lecture was established by George Logan in memory of his mother and in conjunction with the Marshall Foundation because of Mrs. Lewis’ esteem for General Marshall.

Under Secretary Judith McHale

Appointed by President Obama, Judith McHale was confirmed as under secretary of state by the U.S. Senate in May 2009.  Occupying the office in which Secretary of State George C. Marshall once sat, she will discuss significant challenges facing the United States, the relevance of the Marshall legacy, and her experiences as a business and government leader.  

McHale is the former president and CEO of Discovery Communications.  For two decades, McHale helped to build Discovery Communications, the parent company of the Discovery Channels.  The daughter of a U.S. foreign service officer, she was born in New York City and grew up in Britain and apartheid-era South Africa.  Her upbringing inspired a life-long commitment to social justice and engagement with development issues, especially in Africa. 

At Discovery, McHale launched innovative education and development initiatives in the United States and around the world, including the Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership, which provides free educational programming and technological support to more than a half million students at 200 schools and community centers throughout rural Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.  McHale looked for ways to bring people across the globe together around shared viewing experiences.  She led Discovery to launch the highly successful, primetime “Watch With The World.”  

Frances McNulty Logan Lewis

Growing up in Lexington, Frances McNulty Logan Lewis had the run of the post of the Virginia Military Institute.  She spent much time in the Anderson House on Letcher Avenue, where Moody Hall now stands, and played with the cows in what she called “the back lot,” the current location of the George C. Marshall Foundation.   

Later, Mrs. Lewis became an ardent admirer of George Catlett Marshall.  In letters to several Marshall Foundation presidents, Mrs. Lewis referred frequently to “the soldier who received the Nobel Prize for Peace.”  She lamented the fact that both military and civilian leaders of the time in which she was writing–the mid 1970’s until her death in 1992–lacked “the combination of genuine idealism and practical, no-nonsense realism” that defined Marshall and served as the bedrock of his unique character.

The lecture series was established by George Logan, Mrs. Lewis' son, who lives in Charlottesville, and includes visits by the lecturer with students from Washington and Lee University and cadets from VMI.